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"In 1860, 99% of all black people worked for whites. Today, 98% of all black people work for whites. You are enjoying a social illusion because you go to someone else’s restaurant, but you don’t own a restaurant yourself."
-Dr. Claud Anderson  (via curvesincolor)
"If I ever have a daughter,
she will eventually come to understand
that she was never part of my original plan.
I’ll try to teach her everything I know
but there are somethings you must learn on your own.
You see, women have it a lot easier than they used to
and I pray my daughter knows more than what I once knew.
You see, sweetheart, roses grow all over the world
and you shouldn’t limit yourself just because you’re a girl.
My own mother is stronger than anyone I’ve ever known
and she was the one who taught me to deal with things on my own.
I grew up dreaming of fantastical far away lands
and Lord knows leaving home was my only plan.
My daughter will comprehend the act of changing your mind
and understand that plans change all the time.
You’re never made to stay exactly the same
there is a fire in you, sweetheart,
just light the flame."
-maybe one day  (via powers-to-recall)

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