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If black wasn’t beautiful the entire world wouldn’t try to copy our style, our culture, our hair, our music or our identity.

Them freckles gon be the death of a shorty.

This last year and a half if undergrad better be good.

It’s too early for me to be watching vine videos. “Snip snip hoe!” 😂😂😂


becoming older than 10 years old was the biggest mistake of my life

"She loves her coconut oil, shea butter, black soap, olive oil, natural hair, saggy clothes, long dresses, hair wraps, twist outs, lemon water, green tea, grapes, sunflowers, friends, family, and future.
What’s a label? She doesn’t have one"

A carefree black girl (via thedappledsky)

man i love this more than anything

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I feel so happy about this

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"She does not know her beauty. She thinks her brown body has no glory. If she could dance, naked, under palm trees, and see her image in the river, she would know. But there are no palm trees on the streets and the dishwasher gives back no image."
-Nina Simone - Images (via iyaricorazon)